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What Is My Cat’s Annual Health Care Budget?

In the excitement of bringing a new pet into our lives, we frequently overlook the financial burden of veterinarian care.

There is no denying that the veterinary costs of an animal are a major portion of a household’s budget. Prevention expenses are one place to start (vaccines, dewormers, etc.). In addition, health issues can emerge at any age, which is a sad reality. Accidents occur more frequently in animals than in people. Cats, too, are susceptible to some diseases, just like people.

You can pay 20 euros for a basic deworming or 1500 euros for radiation treatments at the vet’s office, depending on your needs (or more in the event of surgery and prolonged hospitalization). It’s true that health care prices are varied and can vary greatly depending on the type of service and the procedures utilised. Veterinary expenses are also free, allowing us to see big disparities in rates amongst veterinarians in the same location.

Expenses For Prevention Are Not To Be Ignored.

Preventing disease is the best medicine. Preventive treatment is strongly recommended by veterinarians (and may be required in some cases) and is a significant cost factor.

Pre-Scheduled Appointments

If the animal does not show any signs of illness, a veterinarian visit once or twice a year may suffice. According to the costs offered, you should expect to pay between 35 and 50 € for a consultation, which works out to 70 to 100 € each year.

Dogs should have the CHPLR vaccinations (distemper, leptospirosis, parvovirus, and hepatitis, if necessary) before going outside. 50 to 70 Euros is needed (double the first year since there are two injections).

For the cat, the TCLR vaccinations (typhus coryza, leucosis and, if necessary, rabies) must be administered: this costs between 60 and 80 €. (double the first year since there are two injections).

Strictly Speaking, Castration Or Sterilisation

The average cost of castrating a male cat is €70. Cats cost between 120 and 150 €, while a bitch costs between 180 and 250 €.


It’s also essential to get your pet dewormed. The animal will need to be cared for twice a year (about 20 Euros).

The Varying Cost Of Diseases

Don’t overlook diseases, which account for three-quarters of an animal’s health care expenses. Urinary issues are more common in cats than in dogs, therefore we need to add these to the list.

These accidents and diseases can lead to considerable veterinary bills, such as when the animal is hospitalised, examined, or requires surgery. There are other costs associated with administering medication to an animal, especially when it must be provided for the rest of its life.

According to Marc Veilly, a member of the national council of the veterinary surgeon, below are the costs associated with an illness:

Between 50 and 110 Euros for laboratory analysis

Between 1200 and 1500 € on average is the cost of radiotherapy treatments (in the event of cancer, for example).

In most cases, the cost of cyst removal is about $190

80 € for a mild case of gastroenteritis

– Mammary tumour removal costs around €600.

If you want to learn more about the diseases that affect cats, check out our information on the most prevalent feline illnesses.

Expenses Associated With Accidents

Accidents happen all the time, and our dogs aren’t exempt from them either. When an animal has an accident, the accompanying medical procedures can swiftly spiral out of control.

This is a real-life example of a cat’s stomach torsion, and it might cost you:

Between 50 and 100 Euros for an urgent consultation.

Between 50 and 100 Euros for a blood test.

between 300 and 1500 Euros for surgery, anaesthesia, and hospitalisation

You’ll also have to factor in the cost of medications, checkups, and other treatments.

It is possible for your animal to get hit by a car while fleeing. A torn cruciate ligament in the knee is something he, too, can experience. The animal’s ligaments must be restructured and then retrained as part of the procedure. Between 800 and 1500 euros might be added to the veterinarian bill.

Finally, there are the issues of animal-to-animal bites, which are common among cats.

Even though cat owners tend to overlook these costs, if you don’t plan ahead, they may rapidly put a dent in your family’s finances.

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